Follow the instructions on the screen. Call 3Com Facts using your touch-tone telephone: The Answer File usually resides in the shared directory with the Windows NT source files or is contained on the boot diskette. On the next select the Device Manager tab. Turn the PC on and install the driver for the first NIC with the intelligent auto install program see the above section for instructions.

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Click Floppy disk drives, and then click Next. Install the NIC in the computer.

If a Network Adapter class is shown, do the following. Make sure that the BIOS is set up correctly. Click the Next button.

The Network Settings window fwst.

Install the NIC in a known functioning computer and run the tests again. To share a device such as a disk drive: However, because there is no industry-standard way to support shared interrupts, other NICs may support them differently, or not at all.


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The reboot allows the LEDs to indicate the correct speed 3c90-5tx. Manually Updating an Existing Server Driver 1. Go to the beginning of the First Time Installation section above.

Continue at step For information on multiple protocols, see the documentation provided with your operating system. The Magic Packet is not protocol-specific.

Download 3Com EtherLink XL 10/ PCI NIC (3CTX)

The necessary NDIS driver is installed in your system by default. Connect the two PCs together using a crossover cable. Use Novell NetWare 3. The update utility posts a message box that the update has successfully completed. To use the 3Com intelligent auto install program, the PC must meet these requirements: Etheflink the next select the Device Manager tab.

You are prompted for the Windows 95 installation files. When Windows 95 starts, it detects the NIC, 3cok the following message appears on the screen: TXT – Release Notes v5. This lowers the cost of networking.

Loading the Driver from the Command Line To load the driver from the command line, use the following syntax: It may be necessary to use your Novell or Windows for Workgroups network support diskettes during the installation. If an error message appears during the installation, stating that the.


Examine the Network Configuration. On the Network Settings window, confirm the removal by clicking the Yes button. These features should be configured by system administrators only. All other options settings are left unchanged. Enter the location of the Windows NT installation media.


The installer completes and causes the NIC driver to rebind to the protocols. To fix this problem, open the System icon in the Windows Control Panel. The computer in which the NIC is installed may be defective.