Notepad is a convenient editor. The installer will go to the Windows Update site but will not find the correct package. There is no paper manual for the software. There are two steps to installing the software for an Amptek DPP device. This will show the noise of the system.

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Here are a few: Customized hardware configurations may be stored as.

DPPMCA Display & Acquisition Software

There should now be two lines in the box. My computer is asking maptek install the USB drivers again, even though I installed them previously.

There is no paper manual for the software. Now click the cursor into the second peak it will highlight. Select all these values, copy them Ctrl-Cand save them in a text file.

DPPMCA Display & Acquisition Software – Amptek – X-Ray Detectors and Electronics

When performing a manual installation, follow the instructions in the document precisely and carefully. Products for your imagination. The manual is the help file. All users should download this software. amptei


Click the Centroid button on the dialog box. Products for your imagination. There are different options depending on the product in use. User control of display parameters such as log vs. Typically includes acquisition presets, gain, peaking time, detector HV, detector temperature, number of channels, risetime discrimination parameters, and many more.

If the auto tune fails, or if the counts exceed the input counts, perform the manual adjustment in the next step The Amptem and Slow Thresholds can be adjusted manually.

DPP Installation Instructions

If the peak is highlighted and there is no peak information, then the ROI is not marked correctly. Then enter the energy of that peak into the Value box, e. Click here for instructions on installing the DPP Software.

Many functions are also accessed by toolbar buttons. Sometimes no spectrum or a distorted spectrum will appear if the fast and slow thresholds are not set properly. Live display of the spectrum with many options. Dynamically linked software does not require a re-compile, only copying the new dll into your installation.

Mark an ROI region of interest around each peak. A common task is to change the energy range of a system.


DPP Installation Instructions – Amptek – X-Ray Detectors and Electronics

Includes capability for simple arithmetic manipulation, e. Typically based on the centroids of known ROIs. The DP4 is a legacy FW4 device. Click here for the complete document on bit compatibility. Making an incorrect selection will install the wrong driver and make it very difficult, error-prone, and time consuming to remove the incorrect driver from the operating system. Gain can be controlled by increment and decrement buttons on the toolbar, or by setting a specific value in the Setup display.

The PX5 is a FW6 device.

It is a socketed part so no soldering is required. This is done by adjusting the gain of the amplifier. No source code changes are necessary in either case.