This may or may not solve your issue I’ve installed Wine and while executing games on wine i have sound. Compiled on Nov 17 for kernel 2. And my laptop isn’t very good for linux. Music don’t wanna play. WeatherGod ben-v-root wrote on

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I use standard Movie Player for. Changed in alsa-driver Ubuntu: Aus need to log in to change this bug’s status. No sound at all from Asus A7U Have you tried accessing things like YouTube in Firefox? I can’t control volume in my system: With video files just the same problem.

Asus A7U laptop sound card drivers

I suggest that just something gone wrong with pulseaudio may be,because siund i tried to configure sound in my asus i deleted pulseaudio and then re-installed it again.

Email me about changes to this bug report.

I use rhythmbox and movie player. And searched in Synaptic for “non-Ubuntu- distribution” and nothing found. But then u soynd than one of audio devices was just muted. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. No sound at all from Asus A7U 6.


I updated my system right now, using apt-get update. I believe wine and virtualbox directly access the alsa drivers instead of using pulseaudio.

Because this problem can no longer be diagnosed, I will be marking this report as “Invalid”. I can’t control my volume in ubuntu using system- preferences- sound. While using virtualBox – i have sound too and can normally watch films.

I am almost completely convinced that something went wrong with pulseaudio.

Music don’t wanna play. Please verify that you did not compile and install a non-Ubuntu- distribution alsa-utils. Now i have sound in Ubuntu,with the exception of playing audio and video, and although audio files play very fast.

WeatherGod ben-v-root wrote on This may or may not solve your issue Even if i turn off sound there – sound is still working,but using alsamixer soubd terminal i can control it.

I updated system and installed hda-verb. So, i turned them on again and have sound. To post a comment you must log in.


Note that you may have to unmute devices after the reboot as well. No sound at all from Asus A7U Bug reported by slicks on slund You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

Sound Cards | ASUS Malaysia

WeatherGod, In FireFox i have sound too,while playing files. My friend told me that this happens when we use bad hardware under ubuntu. Daniel T Chen asys wrote on