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I hate fine print like this. Beuringer a private message to BishopJD. I found the faders to be noisy and gittery and most annoying was the lack of touch response found on many of the higher end controllers.

I managed to change the emulation mode to U1, which at least stopped multiple ports appearing in Reaper, but And alot of effort! Also – mixer view disappears when I select another preset goup, ub I can’t get them back uness iIselect all the tracks manually, then right click in the track view and select “show tracks in mixer”.

Behringer Bcf2000 B-control Usb/midi Controller With 8 Motorized Faders

Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Nice product for my use Rated 5 out of 5 by Alex Potemkin from Photographers attention!

When I first got it, it took a day or so to get everything set up the way I wanted it, but now I have the first 4 presets in group behringrr set up to control the first 32 tracks in reaper. That dark wood grain looks beyond awesome against the dark blue. Thanks Bishop – Bdf already tried that from reading the manual. Anyway this was my original inspiration I’ll let you know the results.


Originally Posted by unsound Hey Pudgey Be in control with the BCF!

Is my BCF f*cked?? – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Find More Posts by theminstrelsghost. And the knobs have led indicators that reflect the value in your software or vst. It’s small, lightweight and seems to be very well built.

The latter allows one to select, adjust, set and control a myriad of functions.

Try this if you haven’t before. Send a private message to ajaym.

If anyone could help me – I’d be eternally grateful – especially, as the times it has worked, I’ve really enjoyed using it. Might end up buying more than Rated 5 out of 5 by S0lo from Great faders and abilities I couldn’t find a similar product at this low price. One thing did strike behringre, though.

If anyone has a site that shows how to mod these physically that is to say the surface controller itselfI’d like to know. I gotta do somethin about the buttons. Originally Posted by unsound.

Any chance of some schematics or pics of the mixing console for the BCF’s? The faders slide back to zero when the project opens, but it all seems to work – jusy can’t get the faders to auto go to where they should be according to the mixer view. Expect other people in the room to find them more bothersome than you do. Even if the user’s manual says to use USB by default for a multi-device setup which would be absolutely nuts due to the above and as seen with your problem I’d give the MIDI routes a go, re-install everything yeah, again Redefine how you make music.


Send a private message to Pughey. Anyway, my BCR is now back in perfect health. I was also gonna order a bunch of controllers that were sort of for other functions and mod them to be used as “Arm track” or one of those Korg mini-faders to control the volume of sends bcr other little things.