To alter the way a printer works, however, you must understand what happens when you print a file, which options you have for sending control information to the printer, and which printer characteristics you can control. To start a queue: Zoek uw model hieronder: At the end of this pipeline, the filtered file is passed to the pioout device driver interface program. The constant is a decimal value and can be either positive or negative. Virtual Printers and Formatter Filters. To do this, consult your terminal documentation for information about setting values for the AUX port.

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The ip, or pass—through, attribute passes the output from a formatter filter to the printer unmodified.

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Buol primary spooler command is the enq command. At the system prompt, enter wsm, and then select Devices. Showing status of printer server subsystem.

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To do this, consult your terminal documentation for information about setting values for the AUX port. Be sure to record the settings you choose for baud rate, stop bits, bits per character, and flow control.


Testing a Spooler Queue. To schedule print jobs: Installing and Maintaining PostScript Filters. Lexmark Optra Se Laser Printer.

Even if the formatter passes the input file unmodified, it still sends printer commands to initialize the printer before the input file is printed and restores the printer after printing is complete. Likewise, if the queue backend is set up to be cc or any other compilerthe queue is for compiler jobs. Setting Up Printer Fault Alerts. The absence of the file parameter effectively disables serial access to any local file or device.

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Restoring Factory Defaults for Filters. Configuring a printer port.

Spooler Overview Virtual Printers and Formatter Filters When the spooler queue backend is piobe, the formatter filter is normally the next—to—last process in the pipeline of filters processing the print job. You can also perform this task with the SMIT fast path smit pqfilters.

Print Service Command Line. See Holding and releasing print jobs on ckmpuprint for information about holding and releasing print jobs of other users. Setting the default print queue.

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As shown in the previous example, print queue status requests display the job numbers for currently queued or running print requests. For detailed information or assistance, see the online copmuprint. In the base operating system, piobe is the standard spooler backend for processing local print jobs.


The restore function outputs a string of printer commands that restore the printer to its default state, which is compuprjnt by the database attribute values.

A meaningful and common example of a queue lacking the file parameter is a remote printer queue.

The backend is one of the points—in—between as well as the ending because the backend contains the specific process that will deliver the processed job bul its final destination. For more information about how the print formatter interacts with the printer formatter subroutines, see the example of a print formatter Example of Print Formatter on page In the following example, the queue name rq was used for both the queue on the local system and the queue on the remote print server: Each attribute name in a virtual printer definition must be unique.

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Printing Administration Starting and stopping a print queue Prerequisites To perform these tasks, you must have root authority. SG Reference voltage for signals. The ip attribute is another typical attribute in this group.