When I attempt to open the project. This is quite disappointing especially given the premium pricing of the product. Featuring all the connections you will need to connect to your Xbox , PlayStation 3 and 4, PC or Mac, the Sirus-C comes with a surprisingly simple package. Continue to assign keyboard shortcut to do this. Send large files for free. The sound produced in these headphones is lackluster.

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Hassan Kajee 6 1 1 2. When playing Tychus and jumping surus the shiny machine of death, I was excited for the skull-rattling sounds to come from firing my nuke high into the sky and watching it explode on the feeble LiLi trying to escape me. The Sirus was reliable out of the box with minimal adjustment. You dont need Xcode, the source is available on a probably unofficial mirror.

CM Storm Sirus 5. Sure, most of these headsets don’t support consoles, but they will give you a much better sound experience overall. The Mini PC is a 5-inch Windows 10 touchscreen device small 5. Sat Feb 7 The only thing good I can say about these headphones are that they are sturdy. The direct jacks omit this useful function — Cannot cm storm sirus 5. Built for gaming enthusiasts and audiophiles sjrus, the CM Storm Zirus 5.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at PLE Computer’s website. What came next can only be categorized in the ‘disappointment’ folder – it was completely washed out and left me wondering what exactly the 40mm ‘woofer’ drivers were built for. Open it and hit the play button on Xcode.


After using a myriad of skull-crushing Tt eSPORTS headsets over the last four years, I have found that after two weeks of use basically every set will ease up on you a little, but it’s annoying to say the least.


It will flash on your keyboard and just hit the stop botton when everything is lit up. The included hard-wired 3. Featuring all the connections you will need to connect to your XboxPlayStation 3 and 4, PC or Mac, the Sirus-C comes with a surprisingly simple package. There is the common low-priced headset issue of muddy bass and limited clarity when the going gets tough and this headset seems to face the same struggles.

How we score The Engadget Score is a unique ranking of products based on extensive independent research and analysis by our expert cm storm sirus 5.

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CM Storm Sirus-C Professional 2.2 Gaming Headset Review

But in what ways can Cooler Sirud really make this headset stand out from the very large crowd of competitors that have built to breaking point over the last year or so? Overall I am very happy with the headset. The sound produced in these headphones is lackluster.


Continue to assign keyboard shortcut to do this. The control unit looks nice and works well it includes the ability to turn up and down your chat audio separatelyit turns off the LED within a cool shade of red when you mute the microphone, but guess what – the LED next to your face still shines on.

After 3 seconds, your keyboard should remain in a state with num lock and scroll lock enabled, and all the keys should be lit up. Besides the cables and connections, there isn’t really much else to talk about besides a user manual, a handy connection information leaflet and a warranty information card.

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Click “run” to test. Dutchman integrates a 4. They aren’t felt-like soft like as seen in the Astro A40’s as they’re xm little more rugged, but it’s almost like a blanket for my ears. Subscribe to our Newsletter.