All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Rather than tell them to go ef themselves and lose the work, I bought PT and just export their projects out, and load them into Sonar. I guess you could say Avid is listening to their customers by adding ADC to PT9, but its a ‘feature’ we’ve had for almost two decades. Unfortunately, we can’t write drivers for hardware that isn’t ours. I know people here have used the and SONAR together with success so I would be very surprised if things didn’t work out with that combo.

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When using Propellerhead Reason with a 96k or higher sample rate, switching the Buffer Size to will cause the output to go silent.

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The space you have will always be exceeded in direct proportion to the amount of stuff you have I look at this way For the following Windows XP systems: BTW, I doubt they told you that their audio interfaces don’t work well with third-party software when you bought it. Isn’t this something that Cakewalk should warn people who own this hardware about, BEFORE they plunk down digifesign hard-earned money, and sit around for a week trying to make the two work together??


These two main issues have been digivesign. Shouldn’t Cakewalk notify the potential customer that there are certain interfaces that may not work with thier software?

Digidesign WaveDriver & ASIO Drivers

So it seems more practical that the interface manufacturer would take that responsibility Their hardware has always been designed to run first and foremost with Pro Tools. Hey DaSpot, I’m not sure if you’re aware that you’re responding to a four-and-a-half-year-old thread, but I have the Digi blocked in Sonar so it doesn’t even see those drivers. The ASIO Driver cannot support the audio input functionality of Native Instruments programs, except when used with AudioMedia III as a stand-alone driveror when used as a plug-in within another program such as Nuendo with other Digidesign hardware.

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I think this one falls more on digidesign than cakewalk. SCorey Max Output Level: We haven’t seen much mention of protools or avid interfaces lately. Los Angeles, CA Status: The workaround is to ether disable SySex messaging in the preferences of Sonar 2.

Doing so will cause unexpected errors digidesiign occur. That was the only glitch I came across at this point with Sonar.


I tried recording like this, with a live input, no dice. All Pro Tools 6. Windows XP has the un-zip capability built into the XP operating system.

You got the Digi installed without the iLok driver blue-screening your computer s. I think these are the drivers Cakewalk told you to use. User Control Panel Log out. I STILL cant get the “extra content” to install, so when I open a demo session, it tells me all kinds of plug-in files are missing.

Audio output is not effected.

I had to wipe and reinstall the graphics drivers on three computers after that waste of time, just to get them functional again. I think Danzi has it right there. I know it sucks to have to buy an interface, but it will be well worth it once you do.

Unfortunately, we can’t write drivers for hardware that isn’t ours. I’m sorry to hear about your frustrations, Tdawgg. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. This is because Native Instruments Program inputs only work with hardware that reports a bit data path.