Consumers reject gene-altered food US farmers are facing the grim reality that foreigners are refusing to buy their costly genetically-modified foods Growing resistance THIS year, United States farmers planted about 24 million ha worth of genetically -engineered corn and soya bean seeds, accounting for nearly a third of aIS corn. We are dedicated to being environmentally and socially responsible in the disposition of all hardware, by sending all end-of-life equipment to certified recyclers. Catherine Ong keeps you posted on the latest developments. These are much sought after by International Cosmetic Call for free colour prospectus:. This workshop on Sunday. Then something let loose, and the car came slamming back downwards, slamming down.

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And what makes this natural spring water even sweeter for the people is that they can get it for free.

Computer, start kbm or 1 11 throw you out Anger against machine glitches is on the rise m the US THE computer has crashed so many times, it is starting to look diabolical. And forget about surfing the Internet.

You could even win a prize. For instance, imb customers with multiple savings accounts m various banks have consolidated them into one or two bankaccounts, so that their accounts no. Most local police departments have at.


Tangled family politics Whether East Timor can break with its violent past could depend on the leadership of a handful of men who have known each other for decades as allies, enemies and relatives.

Afi 4 km strip saw wheels of all sizes and people of all ages zipping past military aircraft along the runway.

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We warmly invite you to share m the Eucharistic celebration m thanksgiving on Wednesday 15th Sept at 6pm at St. Of relaxation and excitement. The Trojan Horse is a program concealed inside another one. Sock it to them, Cagney Elizabeth A. Electronic Commerce Set acii your own i m shop Today!

The IBM small business I networking solution makes it easy to connect your people and get them working together more efficiently. To weigh you down just a little less, Ko-rean-based Samsung Electronics, will soon unveil a cell phone that doubles as an. The number of new cases dropped 11 per cent during the same period, they added.

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The attack took place m Hanjiweera when the policemen were patrolling m a taxi. From tomorrow, the library is organising a monthly Arts quiz for students m secondary school and above.

Or rather, he played and won but then found that some sites would not pay up. I also know many of you love to.


Ho KwonPing Claire Chiang. Be responsible corporate citizens join a programme to be launched m October.

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A police spokesman said it was one of the biggest hold-ups m Spain m recent years. Browse By Newspaper Titles Date. They are high-tech entrepreneurs rigging the car so it. Unlike other factors that can result m an accident, there. So far, the year-old has won a tourrecord U 67334 will provide great relief to female workers, parents and employers.

He said the Government had sought to resolve differences with.

The year-old 6743 Nanyang Primary School said mathematics is her favourite subject m school. The Straits Times Teusday 31 Call for better regulation wins support A CALL for better disclosure trom highly leveraged institutions HLIs like hedge tunds and better risk management by lenders, has won broad support from Asia Pacific finance and central oank deputies. The driver of the car, a man in his 40s, was also killed in the accident, which. He ran the final leg as the Americans clocked AY Late death notices can be placed after office hours or on non-working.