See any errors on this page? Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. I don’t really understand how it’s in-1 but that’s okay. Be the first to review this item. That being said, this product is one reason why!

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Other than that once that computer located the card reader it worked just fine.

IOGEAR Universal Memory Bank in-1 Memory Card GFR B&H

I hope it continues to work well. This is important because it helps guide the guard onto the pins, preventing pin bending. Doesn’t work on mac with cf 32g x. I would definitely recommend this to a friend. Ordered this for a commercial customer of mine for an xp computer that wouldn’t read a large memory card, a common problem with older machines. See any errors on this page? When i bought this version, i noted on ih package that my system, windows 7 os is not listed on usable versions of the unit.

It didn’t let me down. Cable more than ample length.

IOGear 56-in-1 USB 2.0 Memory Card Reader

Long slot to prevent cf pin bending. Very portable and easy to use.


I bought this because my computer didn’t have an sd card slot In Stock Update Location writed. This works great with sd hc cards, but not with 32gb cf x cards on either my computer or my laptop, both mac’s.

Unlike all the other memory card readers i’ve used, this iogear offers a deep pocket to insert cf cards.

The only small iffy part is that the card reader does not offer much physical guidance for inserting a compact flash memory card. On my windows 7 system, the device was immediately recognized.

56-in-1 Memory Card Reader/Writer

After many many satisfactory transactions over the years! Place your order erader 5pm Mon Dec 31 and your order will ship the same day. I probably have 6 or 8 In drawers that do not work well.

Does everything it is supposed to for a very reasonable price.

At least it didn’t corrupt the memory card. We no longer need to buy a USB Bluetooth adapter to tranfer photos between her computer and phone. In Stock Update Writdr close. It does this by enabling you to download directly to your PC or Mac from your memory reaxer without using additional adapters. I bought a rip-off cheapo copy of the item for two fifty plus shipping and it worked right out of the package; it is so easy to use i use it instead of the iogear.


Images and data can be downloaded directly from your memory cards without using additional adapters. Yes jn product works great and I can utilize any media card I need! My computer does not recognize the item even after i installed the driver five times.

I have purchased a number of these and generally have had good luck with them, but a couple of the units would not right be seen by windows. This is a good thing since on those “other” devices, you have to guess which drive letter goes to which slot.

I have been a long time customer, and can’t see going to any other source for my photography needs!

Be careful with multiple cards! Download time for a single 7MB file: