The problem Im having with it is that why is the left analog stick acting like its the D-pad? I have a few questions: In DirectInput mode, the gamepad should be detected by the driver installation. The F, F, and F are still compatible with DirectInput, however, so older games that support gamepads will still work correctly. The Cordless RumblePad 2 is a great product, but the F is definitely a big step forward.

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I just bought it and couldnt install it via the mini CD or even from software from the logitech support. I hope the new Logitech gamepads will produce better results, though i am not expecting wonders. The F appears to be live and able to be ordered on the Logitech UK website right now, as are the F and the F They are not licensed for use on XBoxand therefore are not compatible with it.

Logitech WingMan Cordless Gamepad USB drivers for Windows 7 x64

Multiple Fs can be used winman the same system without wireless conflict. And after that day I never bought any other Logitech gamepads. The Logitech Gamepad F The Logitech Gamepad F features a familiar, comfortable control layout and our unique floating D-pad design that offers exceptional accuracy in all eight directions. So, how many times per second does F actually communicate with PC?

Any hope of the F or F making with the rumbly when hooked up to my Mac? Is there any reason why the F, XInput mode, cannot be used on vista 64bit? Well,I preorder F already.


Is there any kind of ship date for this controller? If it becomes available in Malaysia, the F will be immediately show up on our Malaysian website. Hi marcus, The receiver uses 2.

In XInput mode they will not wngman. You can use two F gamepads at the same time on the same PC if the game supports multiple gamepads. And the cord on the F is 6 feet long.

Please understand that we reserve the right to edit or delete comments gsmepad any reason we deem appropriate. Hi Chris i play fifa11 on pc with rumble pad 2 and i have no vibrations what to doo?? They will be able to assist you in Polish.

Logitech WingMan Cordless Rumblepad – gamepad – wireless Overview – CNET

I have to keep tapping on the joystick to left and right rapidly to walk normally. In DirectInput mode you can change the location of the various gamepad buttons in the Profiler software. Hi Mike, It does function very similarly, but with signifcantly better legacy game support. The F should install just fine on Windows XP. Can the nano receiver be used with this controller and other devices at the same time?

But someone in Logitech must know, and so it would wibgman great if you coreless find out who that person is, then speak with them, find out when and then let us know. You should receive an email from our eCommerce site when it does ship, though. Shipments should start as soon as the preorder button is gone from the website. Could you give me some information of what dealers here I should contact in order to buy it? Just make them auto-detect as an XBox controller and you win.


Hi, can you say anthing about the deadzones of the analogsticks? Each button can be reassigned to perform the action of any other button. Hi Patrick, The new gamepads should be available in Germany in the next few weeks.

Logitech Wingman Cordless Rumblepad PC Gamepad Controller – Complete

When we tested F1 the F worked properly both for controlling cars and menus in XInput mode. I note from previous posts that you do not have this information available. Then I thought the device I got was defective but after I searched the net for a while and I found out that the left stick problem was not related only to the gamepad I bought.