This triggers a chemical reaction that produces a color change, allowing the user to print text, artwork or graphics. It flew through CD Speed’s transfer rate tests, reaching a maximum read speed of So what are “good” results supposed to look like? The DW started reading at 5. From start to finish, the entire process took only a few minutes.

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We do this so all tests can be compared reliably. Nevertheless, they were still within acceptable limits and there were no readability issues. Similar to the ones included with BenQ’s previous DVD writers, this small, fold out guide is broken up into 11 different languages. By using these features the DW is able to maintain perfect control over both the laser beam angel and the power rate being projected onto the disc, ensuring every bit of your data is written at the best possibly quality.

You can download the latest version of the software from Nero’s website. I experimented sw operate using the windows device manager — without use. Thanks to this small speed boost, the drive was able to reach a maximum transfer speed of more than 49x. Like a CD-ROM, you will get different benchmark results depending on what kind of discs you are using.

If you use a dual layer disc you probably won’t get the best results because most DVD-ROM drives slow down to read them.


Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Nero Express 6 – With Nero Express, Nero has taken the features and performance people have come to expect from Nero Burning Rom and combined them with a user friendly interface.

Once you reboot, you’ll be ready to start burning your dw165 discs. Download “Benq dvd ls dw ata driver”. Each benchmark test has been run dw16555 times. However, at the time of this review, the list of compatible software is still relatively short.


To get the writing times, a 4. This gives a more realistic idea of how long it takes to write a CD. In this review we’ll just go over some of the basics and see how the DW performs with the bundled software. LightScribe Technology will enable you to easily create customized, silkscreen-quality labels directly on CDs and DVDs using their own PCs through a combination of LightScribe-compatible media, recordable optical drives and special software. Exact Audio Copy can tell us a lot about a drive’s capabilities.

Using the bundled software you can both create and burn LightScribe disc labels. Even if you have a LightScribe capable drive sl media, you will need software that supports it.

For this test I randomly generated MB and MB of files and directories to test the time it takes the drive to write and close a CD. These special discs have a thin dye coating on the label side that absorbs laser light. From Nero’s advanced options dialogue, we can disable the buffer under-run protection l well as the DVD high compatibility mode. By looking at the screenshot below, you can see that the drive’s transfer speeds peaked at about 12x.


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The connector on the far left is the digital audio output. Nevertheless, the diagrams BenQ has provided do take the user step by step through the installation process. You are probably going to get varying results from a full data disc to a single layer movie disc.

Vw1655 a disc is warped though, the laser beam will not be positioned correctly.

The DW’s writing quality is very good. Simply insert your disc and burn. All tests have been updated since the preview of the drive presented recently so we will be going through our usual array of tests, including writing quality and error correction in the course of this review but we’ll begin with a quick look at the drive’s main features While the documentation BenQ has included is fairly brief, it should be enough to get the driveup and running.